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Services Overview

KeyboardSince the inception of our organization, we have been innovating and delivering services to customers that have not just brought delight to all the stakeholders but have also increased service efficiencies along the delivery chain right up to the end beneficiary.

Starting as a pure-play back office services provider with established front offices across the country through the backbone of the Karvy group's branches, we have ventured into field level data collection activities like the UID enrolment and the Socio Economic Caste Census project.

In this short span we have also had successes by handling some of the largest clients in the telecom and BFSI space and also have become the market leader in the PAN cards facilitation space. We accredit this success to our customers where we have grown exponentially with the customer.

What we offer to our customer is not just a vendor-customer relationship but we offer strategic business services through innovative and flexible options. We are sure that these options would help you gain the edge over your competitors in the modern day market which is going through changes everyday.

Business Verticals
In today’s world where governments are gearing up to the ever growing needs of the citizens and scaling to reach their mission, we offer a unique value proposition and present our bouquet of services.
At a time when telecom companies are looking to grow beyond the boundaries with minimum input costs, with our pedigree and footprint in the country, we are offering solutions to help them grow.
Banks and financial services companies are looking to penetrate into deeper untapped markets. We are helping these companies to reach the potential markets with our wide array of services.
With a view to bring uniformity and remove duplication of efforts in the KYC requirements for the securities markets, SEBI has introduced the SEBI KYC Registration Agency (KRA), Regulations, 2011.
Service Delivery Model

Service Delivery ModelWith the continual drive of increasing service quality while decreasing the cost to implement process management controls, we have built up a standardised approach that covers all aspects of Service Management.

Using this approach we are able to deliver services with higher quality this has been built up using the experience that has been gained from the past 3 decades of business processing services of the Karvy Group.

We also deliver quality with the optimum costs and shorter time scale and is also backed by best practices cutting across business verticals and service horizontals.

To view our service delivery model in detail click here

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